My own home-made gourmet Turkey Burgers!

Yep, I added a little mashed roasted eggplant / aubergine to the turkey to avoid that dryness and some thyme (not too much) but as a backdrop to the taste of the turkey which shines through once you encourage some moisture into what is usually regarded as a dry, bland meat.

Don’t worry about adding eggplant / aubergine as it’s quite tasteless; it’s the moisture from the roast eggplant / aubergine that’s the secret in imparting its moisture to the turkey meat when it’s grilled and so bringing out the taste of the turkey meat into the burger.

Get the balance right and you get a burger that’s apparently more healthy than a burger made from ground / minced beef.

I think I got the balance right! :-)

One day I might put a book together with all my very own burger recipes.

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